Where is the end of the line?  This senior is enjoying time at the creek determined to untangle this one.

A nice day near the creek with this happy senior and beautiful surroundings.  The water was moving so rapidly and loudly we could barely hear each other speak.   So much of the time non-verbal language was necessary and many hand gestures.  Still so worth capturing these moments near the water.


There is such peace and comfort on this young man’s face and how the water sparkles in the background.

Appearing confident and relaxed in this environment.

Do you think he is wondering, okay, when can I get fishing?  Yet close-ups always capture the year and expressions of a person.

Okay finally getting to something of interest and fun…

Looks like experience is amidst as this angler secures the tie/knot.

Almost ready …. it requires much patience to fish like this.  What an artist truly.

What a reward a beautiful fish caught on the fly.  Whew hew…

A true sportsman releasing that nice fish back for further enjoyment for all.  Yeah…

A lovely, glorious summer’s day with this senior.  It was enjoyable for all.


2 moms camping + 1 guard dog = a jam packed car! A little look back on summer… As I write this, the days are shorter and our nights are colder. It’s time to put the garden to rest and attempt to make some of those homemade liqueurs I have pinned on Pinterest. I’m not putting the fishing gear away just yet – I still have hopes of sneaking a way a few more times before the snow flies.

My faithful fishing partner! I wonder if there’s a way to train her to lead me to where the fish are!?!

I’m still a beginner at fly fishing – so when my avid angler friend says “I need a mom break – lets hit the water!” My reply, “I’m in – when do we leave!” 

A little break from untangling my line lead to…

These images were taken with rocks stacked to the height I wanted and using the timer. I’m going to say that I’m resourceful (even though the tripod was in my car and it was a little bit of a stroll, but nothing strenuous)!

Such beautiful wonderment to be discovered in nature.  Truly marvelous and captivating.

Bella Note Music Studios

Music classes for children

Singing, instrument exploration,  and enjoying the love of music at Bella Noté  Music Studio located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Hands and feet of all shapes and sizes in a circle of learning.  These youngsters seem quite interested and eager to learn.

The microphone demo, in this case similar to a talking stick,  allowing each one a chance to sing and be heard.

All connected by movement, touch and sound.  A good experience for all these youngsters. Step by step the learning as they go.

Simplified techniques applied to this group allowing the gestures to be familiar before applying the instrument.  

Allowing the entire space and bodies to feel the music move them.

All sharing in the beat of the drum, hands and eyes focused on the moment and sound.

Are we ever really too young to engage in the music?

Applying techniques for future instruments. Even baby has her hand raised and smiling.  


Are we ever too old or young to enjoy music and togetherness of community?

A circle of help and guidance in hearing the music.



A little sun and the peaceful waters of North Idaho… so peaceful that this beautiful family couldn’t hear my directions… we resorted to hand signals! This worked well for me since I have a tendency to request one to move the wrong appendage (i.e. place your right knee on your left leg) NO JOKE! This generally ends in genuine laughter though 😉

Gorgeous yellow flowers complimenting the rocks and this lovely family photo.  Happy smiling faces joining in with lovely nature.

The two that began this wonderful family and life.  


Mom and the guys, neat to capture this moment in time together.

The two brothers together.



My senior year of high school I purchased my first SLR… that’s right film days! However, back then I was a “landscape” photographer. I didn’t want to photograph people – that was until my younger sis was getting married and her soon-to-be mother-in-law requested engagement photos. They asked me because 1) I had a camera, 2) I took my sister’s senior portraits, and… 3) the price was right! To this day their engagement session is my favorite! I had so much fun! These days a few things have changed – I now willingly photograph people (actually I LOVE it), Bailey & Johny have been married for many years & have 3 beautiful kids… but a few things remain – we are sisters, they are a blast to photograph, and the price is still right 😉 

An beautiful and fun spirited dance in the tall wild grasses and flowers.  

Who says braces aren’t adorable?  My niece sure is in them, her smile is beautiful.  I appreciate how this dark blue of her lovely dress complements this natural scene.

Do these two look like friends or sisters?  My nieces sure seem to like each others embraces.  Just adorable and beautiful smiles and souls.  I’m happy about this bond in sisterhood for real.

Family united a true treasure to behold.  How often we miss those special moments?  I’m thrilled to capture this in a beautiful surrounding.

Daddy time.  A good loving leaning post with strong hands to hold.  Precious sight in anyone’s view.

Daddy’s little princesses! Very lovely and such fun laughter to behold. Joyful indeed.



An endearing gesture of love  to appreciate.

Sisters forever can you tell by our smiles?  I think the next generation in my sisters life resemble these smiles and closeness we share.