My senior year of high school I purchased my first SLR… that’s right film days! However, back then I was a “landscape” photographer. I didn’t want to photograph people – that was until my younger sis was getting married and her soon-to-be mother-in-law requested engagement photos. They asked me because 1) I had a camera, 2) I took my sister’s senior portraits, and… 3) the price was right! To this day their engagement session is my favorite! I had so much fun! These days a few things have changed – I now willingly photograph people (actually I LOVE it), Bailey & Johny have been married for many years & have 3 beautiful kids… but a few things remain – we are sisters, they are a blast to photograph, and the price is still right 😉 

An beautiful and fun spirited dance in the tall wild grasses and flowers.  

Who says braces aren’t adorable?  My niece sure is in them, her smile is beautiful.  I appreciate how this dark blue of her lovely dress complements this natural scene.

Do these two look like friends or sisters?  My nieces sure seem to like each others embraces.  Just adorable and beautiful smiles and souls.  I’m happy about this bond in sisterhood for real.

Family united a true treasure to behold.  How often we miss those special moments?  I’m thrilled to capture this in a beautiful surrounding.

Daddy time.  A good loving leaning post with strong hands to hold.  Precious sight in anyone’s view.

Daddy’s little princesses! Very lovely and such fun laughter to behold. Joyful indeed.



An endearing gesture of love  to appreciate.

Sisters forever can you tell by our smiles?  I think the next generation in my sisters life resemble these smiles and closeness we share.


I truly enjoy senior portrait sessions! I love to hear the goals and dreams of these young adults. 

This young lady goes to school, works 30 hours a week and shares a similar passion as me… photography! I didn’t find out until our last 15  minutes together that she was passionate about photography. Which was a good thing! Our session would have been much, much longer! I have a tendency to ignore the clock and shoot what I’m there to do.  People are generally tired of being photographed before I’m finished. 

I wish Nicole the best of luck in all her endeavors! 

Sandpoint Idaho High School Senior Portrait

There is beauty in a modest gesture and smile.
Senior Portrait


A fun look at her in a rare angle, yep still beautiful.

Beautiful moment near a flowing stream as lovely and peaceful as this girl.

North Idaho senior portrait


I see honesty in this black and white, enduring.

A nice young person will all the future waiting to be lived. Enjoy your journey!


Fly fishing North Idaho with two amazing anglers! We left all our worries behind… the dishes, laundry, crying kids… we escaped the rain and spend some time on the water! We locked the car walking a well beaten path through tall fall grasses, some taller than us.

My friend and I had such a nice day fishing by the woods, in the little Coeur d’Alene river.  She is part of an organization that helps foster children experience fly fishing. They teach them how to fly fish taking groups of these kids on fly fishing field trips.  The organization is called: The Mayfly Project if you are interested in learning more.  I enjoy this outdoor sport especially the challenge and artistry it holds.


North Idaho adventure photography

adventure photography

Idaho adventure photographer

North Idaho fly fishing





Sandpoint Family Photo


Little Man – 6 months old  a Sandpoint session.

This happy boy – greeted me with big smiles while mama held him close.

Happy to go for a walk with mom, full of big smiles to give to all.

Sandpoint Family Photo

Bottoms of feet and wiggly toes.Sandpoint Family Photo

Mom’s comforting embrace.Sandpoint Family Photo

Our first session was right after daylight savings time changed,  yet little man was still on the old time.  A nap was beckoning him.

Therefore, Mom and I rescheduled for a week later to allow the new time to settle in.  Flexibility required for the grown ups…then all are pleased.

Sandpoint Family Photo

A beautiful close up of a precious boy full of curious wonder.Sandpoint Family Photo